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Taxation and Regulation

The Taxation and Regulation subcommittee will serve the purpose of examining and presenting findings regarding the sale and taxation of marijuana for recreational use, and assess structures for doing so which addresses areas such as banking, landlord and tenant relationships, local zoning, insurance, host liability, economic sustainability, and reduction of the illegal marijuana market. This subcommittee shall assist the Roadway Safety and Education and Prevention subcommittees on identifying funding strategies and options for recomended resources and programming based on a taxed and regulated marijuana market and other resources.

​Membership of this subcommittee includes:

- Chair: Kaj Samsom, Comissioner of the Department of Taxes

- Michael Pieciak, Commissioner of the Department of Financial Regulation

- Martin Manahan, Chair of Liquor Control Board

- Laura Subin, designee of the Vermont Coalition to Regulate Marijuana

- Dan Yates, designee of the Vermont Bankers Association

- Chuck Karparis, designee of the Vermont Association of Credit Unions

- Gwynn Zakov, designee of the Vermont League of Cities and Towns

- Jon Jamieson, At-Large Rep. of the Business Community