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*** The Final Commission Meeting will take place on December 12, 2018 from 1:00 p.m. - 3:00p.m. in the State House, Room 11***


The Commission and its three subcommittees will evaluate the experience of other states, credible research and available data to inform recommendations to the Governor. A subcommittee on roadway safety will examine and present findings on drugged driving, and recommend appropriate measures to ensure roadway safety. A second subcommittee on education and prevention will focus on how best to measure impacts on public health and how to restrict access to marijuana by minors. Finally, the taxation and regulation subcommittee will be charged with finding a responsible approach to the sale and taxation of marijuana for recreational use, including assessing the structures for doing so, and resolving third-party liability issues such as banking, local zoning and insurance.

Read Executive Order Number 15-17 - Governor’s Marijuana Advisory Commission


The Commission will be co-chaired by a bipartisan team, Tom Little and Jake Perkinson. Members include:

  • Senator Joe Benning (R), Senator Dick Sears (D) - appointed by the Senate Committee on Committees;
  • Representative Maxine Grad (D), Representative Ann Pugh (D) - appointed by the Speaker of the House;
  • Anson Tebbetts, Secretary of the Agency of Agriculture, Food and Markets;
  • Tom Anderson, Commissioner of the Department of Public Safety;
  • Dr. Mark Levine, Commissioner of the Department of Health;
  • Michael Schirling, Secretary of the Agency of Commerce and Community Development;
  • Kaj Samsom, Commissioner of the Department of Taxes;
  • David Scherr, Assistant Attorney General - designee of the Attorney General; and
  • John Campbell, Executive Director of the States’ Attorneys and Sheriffs.