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Roadway Safety

The Roadway Safety subcommittee serves the purpose of examining and presenting findings on drugged driving and recommend appropriate measures to ensure roadway safety. Additionally, this subcommittee shall pursue a regional impairment threshold for the New England states, and parity in drugged driving roadway saftey laws and penalties.

Membership of this subcommittee includes:

- Chair: Tom Anderson, Commissioner of the Department of Public Safety

- Joe Flynn, Secretary of the Agency of Transportation

- Matt Valerio, Defender General

- Dr. Trisha Conti, Director of the Vermont Forensic Laboratory

- Bill Mapes, Vermont Emergency Medical Services provider

- Captain Mike Major, designee of the Criminal Justice Training Council

- Chief Jennifer Morrison, designee of the Vermont League of Cities and Towns

- Honorable Brian Grearson, Chief Superior Court Judge, appointee of the Chief Justice of the Vermont Supreme Court