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First Meeting

Meeting Agenda

1. Call Meeting to Order; Introductions of Commission and Subcommittee members

2. Review Mandates of Executive Order No. 15-17, including:

            - November 15, 2017 deadline for assessment of and report on existing primary research on key health

and safety endpoints

            - January 15, 2018 deadline for recommendations and report on 12 specific issues

            - December 15, 2018 deadline for final recommendations and report, including any proposed legislation

3.  Initial Status Reports from Subcommittees

4. Discussion of Role of Commission Members vis a vis Subcommittee Work

5. Overview of the Legal Frameworks of Certain Other States

6. Summary of Recent Vermont Legislative Action

7. Discussion of Commission Work Plan and Meeting Schedule

8. Adjourn Meeting and Convene Subcommittee Meetings

Event Date